Fasting boosts immune system to fight diseases, say Medical experts
Grand Mufti says no fasting makes a person physically, mentally, spiritually strong

Tasaduq Hussain

Srinagar, Apr 23 (KNO):  fasting helps boost the immune system and also helps to fight many diseases.

People amid the pandemic disease of Covid-19 that has claimed five lives in J&K so far and affected over 400 people, were making assumptions that the coronavirus may infect a large population and can be more effective and vulnerable if a person fasts.

Talking exclusively to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Dr Nisal Ul Hasaan Professor at Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar and President of Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK), said the new coronavirus will not impact any individual, who prefers to fast, be it a positive patient with mild disease instead it has number of health improving benefits.

The renowned flu expert said that Observing fasting is mandatory expect in situation if one is sick enough and  can't sustain without drugs. "Both hydration and dehydration doesn't mean you won't catch the virus. There is no scientific evidence  to prove that this virus can impact a person fasting," he said.

He said that anybody can contract the virus, there is no relation between the water intake capacities as well. “The contraction of this virus or any other virus  in Ramadhan is not on bases of fasting, both totally have no relation be  it water  or protein intake.

"Whether people observe fasts or not anybody can get the virus", Dr Nisar said.  The renowned flue expect also briefed about the benefits of fasting during the month of Ramadhan.

He said there is study that has proven fasting can improve health conditions, like obesity, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, cancer and neurological disorders. “That it has been seen that this fasting has improved the life span of individual as well,” he told KNO.

He also said the top religious clerks have decided to abandoned the congregational prayers and other gathering on scientific grounds. “We can't rule out all that science says even the Islamic Principals are itself based on science,” he said.

An infection expert at SKIMS, Soura wishing not to be named, said that there is no relation between fasting and the Covid-19 pandemic. “In fact, fasting helps improve the immune system which ultimately helps fight many diseases.

There is no truth that those with empty stomach can catch Covid. So far there is no study or any substantial evidence to prove this. I personally believe, fasting has spiritual and physical benefits and one should not make Covid as an excuse for not fasting,” the doctor said. 

Talking to KNO, Kashmir’s Grand Mufti,  Nasir-ul-Islam said that there is no relation between pandemic and fasting. “Reports of relaxation in fasting hours in times of pandemic is totally baseless. And I don’t think, fasting weakens the immune system instead it strengthens the person mentally, physically and spiritually,” Islam said while appealing people not to pay heed to rumours that there would be relaxation in fasting hours in Covid-19—(KNO)

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