We too fast, we too are humans; please cooperate with us this Ramadhan: Sgr police chief appeals people

Srinagar, Apr 24 (KNO): The Srinagar police chief Dr Hasseeb Mughal while felicitating the people of Srinagar on the eve of fasting month of Ramadhan said people should understand that the men in uniform across the length and breadth of city too are humans and are deployed for prevention of Covid-19 pandemic. Talking exclusively to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Dr Haseeb said that some people try to give an impression that sentiments go up in fasting month as people are emotionally and spiritually high in this month. “My humble appeal to the people of Srinagar is that policemen deployed across Srinagar too are humans. We too fast, we too have families and we too break the fast like any other resident of Srinagar despite being on roads throughout the day,” he said and appealed people of Srinagar to cooperate with the policemen. The SSP Srinagar urged people to avoid congregational prayers in the month of fasting so that Covid-19 is prevented from further spread. “Majority of people of Srinagar are cooperating with the police as they have understood that gravity of the situation. I have been repeatedly stating that this is not the law and order issue and we are fighting an invisible enemy,” Dr Hasseb said. He said that while as majority of Srinagarites are fully cooperating with the police, there are fringe elements who want to create scenes in the name of offering prayers or other things. “To ensure large gatherings are avoided, we have sought cooperation of religious clerics of shrines, imam baras and all major masjids of Srinagar. All of them have assured us that they would ensure no congregational gathering for the sake of humanity. This is quite appreciating,” the SSP told KNO. He urged people to pray to Almighty to take away the COVID-19. “Ramadhan is a month of peace and blessings and we should cash in on it fully. It’s not that we

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