Golden Brands’ team distributes medicines, food Packets, food Kits.
Srinagar: Golden Brands, a Dietary Supplement Store, Friday said its team has been on the ground distributing relief among the needy in the ongoing pandemic.

In a statement, Asif Rasheed, the owner of Golden Brands & administrator of the team, said they have been working hard for over 25 days now

“The team is succeeding in its goal. So far, we have sent 9,800 food packets to the hospitals, where it was given to patients as well as their attendants,” he said.

Along with this supply, the administrator added, the youth volunteers team also sent over 500 set of medicines to the poor.

“For some days now, the team has been sending food kits to the poor, the needy, and the orphans.  The price of those kits ranges from around Rs 1,100 to Rs 1,250,” he said.

Along with the food, the kit includes some items for Iftar.

“So far the Golden Brands team has distributed more than 80 kits to the poor. All our volunteers have worked hard day and night, may Allah protect this entire team, Ameen,” he said.

He requested all the people whether businessmen, or officers, or whoever is rich, that they should keep a close eye on their areas during this time, and help the poor, the orphans, and the needy.

“The members of the masjid committees should also think about this issue, because in these difficult circumstances it is the responsibility of all the people to come forward and help the society,” he said.

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