Imran urges UT administration to announce special budget for private schools in Kashmir
Charge minimal fee from the parents, Imran to UT administration

Srinagar, May 15: Former Deputy Mayor Srinagar and present corporator Nishat, Sheikh Mohammed Imran has urged the UT administration of J&K to announce special  budget allowance for payment of school fees in Kashmir.

He said government should charge a minimal school fee from parents which should be deposited in the government treasury. The same can be distributed to schools to avoid chaos & confusion about school fees amid lockdown, Imran said.

Imran said first & foremost is that the Government of J&K should provide proper necessary technological infrastructure for online classes in Kashmir including Smartphone & computer with proper internet facility in all schools.

“Neither students nor our schools have the basic facilities for online classes which needs improvement at this critical juncture,” he said.

Imran said UT administration should issue strict directives to give privilege of online courses & classes to one & all the students of Kashmir for better prospects as the situation at present is discriminatory &is not equal for all.

“Kashmiri students can’t be kept underprivileged, as technology has improved life and government should direct schools to be equipped with smart classrooms for compulsory online classes with compulsory attendance to being literacy in these tough times,” he said.

As per Imran, online classes cannot be limited to a small number of privileged students of elites. It should be open & exposed to all the children across J&K, he said.

Imran said it is need of the hour to restore the high-speed internet services in J&K, so that children would not suffer anymore.

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