Allow us to resume our business: Brick Kiln owners to Government

Srinagar, June 27, KNT: At a time when authorities are easing restrictions on business, brick kilns business is still shut, much to the distress of kiln owners.
 These brick kiln owners are desperately seeking permission from authorities but are being denied to resume their business. 
A lot of brick kiln owners told news agency KNT that they need permission to start their 2020 season but the response they are getting from authorities is negative. 
“Labourers are staying at Jammu and eager to resume their work at brick kilns in Kashmir, but they are not being allowed to visit here,” they said adding that all across India, brick kilns are being allowed to operate, but the story in Kashmir is different where in the name of Covid-19 pandemic, people are being deprived of earn a living. 
These brick kiln owners said that they operate on rented lands and have secured loan from banks.
“With the closure of brick kilns, other associated businesses including cement, iron, timber, tiles and marble will also hit low bottom. It will only make people of Kashmir economically weak,” the brick kiln owners told KNT.

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