Government teachers should take lead from private school teachers

Education policy 2019 to be soon implemented in Jk: Asgar Samoon

Srinagar, Sept 05: Commissioner Secretary Education Dr. Asghar Hussain Samoon on Saturday stressed upon the need of raising the quality of education in Jammu and Kashmir.


According to news agency Kashmir Dot Com- (KDC) Samoon was having an interaction with Media on the sidelines of a function organized to celebrate Teachers Day in Srinagar, Dr. Samoon impressed upon the government teachers drawing salary in lacs should take a lead from underpaid private school teachers to improve the quality education.


He said, "If a private school teacher with meager salaries can prepare their students to achieve remarkable results, why are government teachers with hefty salaries failing to do so."


Drawing a comparison between government and private schools Dr. Samoon said that even government teachers prefer to enroll their children in private schools, which he said means that private schools are providing quality education.


In reply to a question according to news agency Kashmir Dot Com- (KDC) Dr. Samoon said, "Private schools, that indulge in over charging of admission and tuition fee will face action as the accounts of all the private schools will soon be subjected to compulsory audit to introduce checks and balances in the private education sector."

All the schools will have to form management committees, with all the stakeholders as its members. The move is aimed to set accountability in motion and to address the complaints of parents against the school administrations, where their children are undergoing schooling to improve the system in the private.


"Central Education policy framed in 2019 will also be soon implemented in Jammu and Kashmir," he said.


Dr. Samoon distributed Oxygen Concentrators among some NGOs contributed by the Private Schools Association, which had organized the function. (KDC)

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