Due to occurrence of heavy snowfall resulted into road blockage in several areas of Jammu Division, some of the candidates of Higher Secondary Examination Part-1 (Class-11th) Annual Session 2020 Regular Winter Zone, Jammu Division, could not reach to their centres of examination, thereby unable to take their examination in the respective papers viz Physics and History which was scheduled for 28-12-2020 as per date sheet.

To save the academic áree of these candidates, it is hereby notified for
information of all the concerned, that examination in the aforesaid subjects (Physics and History) for such candidate shall be condueted on 07-01-2021 (Thursday) at 11.00 A.M in their already fixed respectíve tentres.

Further, the candidates of Centre Nos. 23401, 23402 and 23403, constituted at Govt. HSs, Malhar, Govt. HSS, Badnota and Govt. HSS, Machhedi respectively, who could not take their examination in Physical Education paper on 24-12-2020, shall now take their examination in the said paper on 06-01-2021 (Wednesday) in their respective centres at 11.00 A.M.
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