Schools asked to ensure 100% attendance of students, teachers in online, community classes

The School Education Department has asked the heads of the schools to ensure 100 percent attendance of the teachers and students in online and community classes.

The move comes after the department observed that the students were giving a lukewarm response to the online and community classes organised by the teachers.

Also, the attendance of the teachers was also around 80 percent instead of 100 percent from all the schools.

In wake of this, the Chief Education Officer (CEO) Srinagar in a circular has instructed the school heads to ensure 100 percent attendance of the staff and the students in the online and community classes of the schools.

“It has been observed that teachers’ engagement in virtual and community classes in Srinagar district is approximately 85 percent. The attendance of students is as low as 49 percent,” the circular reads.

Notably, the department has taken a serious note of the poor attendance of the students and teachers in online and community classes.

“The low engagement of students and teachers is being viewed seriously by the higher authorities,” the circular reads.

The CEO Srinagar has asked all the heads of the institutions to ensure 100 percent engagement of staff in virtual and community classes.

“All teaching faculty members must mark their attendance or submit details of online classes or conference classes or community classes in the Learning Management System (LMS) portal on a daily basis without fail,” the circular reads.

Greater Kashmir has earlier reported about the complaints received from the teachers and students about the functioning of LMS due to frequent technical glitches.

The LMS, according to teachers, remains out of order for several hours and causes inconveniences to the teachers while uploading their online classes.

Unlike this year, the teachers used to deliver online classes through different available digital platforms and were easily accessed by the students as well.

“But this year, the introduction of LMS played a spoilsport and disturbed the tempo in which teachers were delivering online classes,” a teacher said.

The heads of the institutions have been also directed to give in exhaustive efforts to engage maximum number of students in teaching virtual community and conference classes.

“ZRPs and DRGs shall monitor the engagement of teachers and students in virtual or community classes and identify non-participating teachers,” the circular reads.

The CEO has stated that the matter about teachers who do not participate in online or community classes should be accordingly taken up with the concerned head of the institution under an intimation to this office.

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