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Centre takes back 3 farm laws, Modi announces in his address to the nation

Asks farmers to end agitation and return to their homes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation announced this.

Farmers had been protesting against these laws for more than a year.

The PM talked about farmers' issues and what his government has done to address them.

He said the government had brought the three farm laws to improve the lot of farmers. He said it had been the demand of farmers for long and they brought these laws after delibrations in Parliament and these were welcomed.

Modi said they brought these laws with utmost sincerity but could not make a section of the farmers see their benefits. With PTI


*In address to nation, PM Narendra Modi highlights his govt's measures to benefit small farmers.

*I have experienced farmers' difficulties, challenges from very close quarters in my five decades of public life: PM Narendra Modi. PTI

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