Good News! LPG subsidy start again: LPG subsidy on gas cylinder resumed, money transfer to customers’ account, check details

Subsidy started again on LPG cylinder, amount reached customers’ accounts in Muzaffarpur. The subsidy on domestic LPG cylinders has been started once again. Along with this, its amount has also been started sending to the accounts of the people. Due to which people have got a lot of relief.

At the same time, the amount of Ruckatra cylinder reaches different in the accounts of the customers, but they are also getting confused. Know more in someone’s account and less amount in someone’s account, but questions are also arising in people’s mind that why this difference has happened.

In fact, gas subsidy was not available from the month of August. For which people were also complaining to the gas agencies of their city. At the same time, when the subsidy reached his accounts, he got confused. Because Rs 79.26 has come in someone’s account and Rs 158.52 or 237.78 has come in someone’s account.

On which the gas agencies have to say that no such complaint has come. Also told that earlier complaints were being received about this, but now complaints are not coming. At the same time, it was told that people are getting subsidy of Rs 79.26 per cylinder.

On this matter, Rahul Dixit, Area Manager of Indian Oil Corporation said that there cannot be any difference in the amount of subsidy. People are getting subsidy of Rs 79.26 per cylinder. Which were not going into the accounts since August due to technical reasons.

Also told that according to the number of cylinders the consumers would have used during this period, the amount is being added and sent to the accounts. Those who have used more cylinders during this period have been sent more and those who have reduced them accordingly, the amount has been sent. Also told that those who would have used the full 12 cylinders this year will not get the subsidy amount.

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