JKBOSE Issues fresh COVID-19 guidelines for Examinees and Examiners during the forthcoming Annual/Regular,2021 Examinations

Covid Prevention Measures to be observed by Examinees and Examiners during the forthcoming Annual/Regular,2021 Examinations

01.Physical distance is to be observed while standing in que during entry and exit from the Examination Centre.

02.Hands shall be sanitized with sanitizer before entering the examination hall, which shall also be made available at the entrance of Examination Hall by the Superintendent of the Centre.

03.Hand shaking is strictly prohibited.

04.Examinees shall be allowed to leave one by one so as to observe physical distancing and avoid crowding.

05.Sharing of personal belongings shall not be allowed.

06.Spitting is strictly prohibited.

07.Any candidate who is detected Covid positive is advised not to approach the examination centre.
Further the instructions promulgated vide Govt. Order No. 74-JK(DMRRR) of 2021 dated:- 24-10-2021 too shall be followed in letter and spirit.

08.The Superintendents shall allow only those candidates who are having consent for each examination duly signed by their Parents/ Legal Guardians.

09.All the superintendents / Head of the Institutions (Inspectors) of examination centres shall ensure complete Sanitization of desks/Examination Halls/Rooms / Toilets daily before and after the examination and strictly follow the SOP’s issued by the administration /Health department from time to time.

10.The Superintendents/HOI’s shall ensure that the seating arrangement is made in such a manner that every second desk is left vacant to maintain physical distancing.

11.The HOI’S shall ensure that the supervisory staff and officials involved in conducting the examination are vaccinated.

12.The HOI’s shall ensure a thermal Scanner, Pulse Oximeter , First Aid Box Masks and Hand Sanitizers at the venue of the examination.

13.The HOI’S shall ensure that candidates appearing for examination must mandatorily be wearing masks, adhere to social distancing norms and if required shall carry drinking water bottles along with them.

14.The HOI’s shall ensure that Separate facility is provided to the students showing any symptoms like Cough, Common Cold and Flu.

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