UIDAI update! Change photo, address, phone number in Aadhaar card online- Here’s how

Having an Aadhaar card is a necessity for all Indian citizens, as it is the primary identity proof in our country. An Aadhaar card and number are also required to avail certain basic services in India such as opening a bank account, getting a driver’s license, and many more.

The government of India has made it mandatory to have an Aadhaar card for every citizen of the country. Aadhaar cards and numbers are issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and it contains the name, gender, date of birth, photograph, and address of the person.
Now, UIDAI has opened its online portal, which helps individuals update their personal information mentioned on the Aadhaar card online. You can download the form to make the changes in your information and then submit it at your neared Aadhaar Seve Kendra.

How to change photo on Aadhaar card

Visit the official website of UIDAI, uidai.gov.in.
Download the Aadhaar enrollment form and fill out the details.
Visit the nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra and submit the form.
The executive will verify the details on the form through biometric verification.
The executive will then click a photo of you at the Seva Kendra and charge you Rs 25.
You will be issued an updated request number (URN), which can be used to track the status of the request.

How to update phone number on Aadhaar card


Visit the UIDAI portal to update your phone number, ask.uidai.gov.in.
Type in your existing phone number and log in.
Under the Online Aadhaar Services section, select the mobile number option.
Enter all the relevant details and enter the captcha code.
Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and click on ‘Save and Proceed’.

How to update address on Aadhaar card

Visit the official website of UIDAI, uidai.gov.in.
On the homepage, select the Update Aadhaar option.
Now, click on the Update Address in your Aadhaar Card option.
Then, select the option Proceed to Update Aadhaar option.
Now, enter the updated address in the space provided and click on Submit.

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