Government to reduce weight of LPG cylinders? Union Minister says this

There is important news for LPG customers. As LPG cylinders are heavy, and it becomes difficult to move them from one place to another, the government may reduce their weight soon.

Especially, women have trouble in carrying gas cylinders, but if the weight of the cylinder is reduced then it will be easy for the common people to carry it.

For the convenience of the people, it is necessary for the gas cylinder to be light. If the gas cylinder has to be moved from one place to another, it sometimes becomes a problem. But soon the government can reduce the price of LPG cylinders.
The weight of 14.2 kg of domestic cooking gas (LPG) cylinders, leads to a problem in its transportation. Keeping in mind the problems faced by people, the government is considering various options to reduce its weight. Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri gave this information in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha. Earlier, an MP had mentioned the problems faced by women due to heavy cylinders.

In response to this question, Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said, "We do not want women and daughters to bear the heavy weight of the cylinders themselves and it is being considered to reduce its weight."

The minister said, "We will find a middle ground, whether it is to reduce the weight of 14.2 kg to 5 kg or some other way. We are committed to do so."
At that time the opposition members were raising slogans demanding withdrawal of the suspension of 12 members.

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