LPG Cylinder Insurance: Get 50 Lakh Insurance Coverage: Know How To Claim?

LPG Gas Cylinder:

As everyone owns a gas cylinder. It is used with extreme caution because even a minor error might result in a huge accident. In such a situation, it's critical to understand what precautions to take when using LPG and what to do, if there’s an accident. At the same time, it's important to understand what your rights are as a customer if an LPG gas cylinder explodes or a gas leak causes an accident.

Insurance Coverage of Up to Rs 50 lakh
Petroleum firms give personal accident insurance to customers who purchase LPG, i.e. an LPG connection. This insurance provides financial help up to Rs 50 lakh in the event of an unfortunate disaster caused by a gas leak or a blast from an LPG cylinder. Petroleum firms have partnered with insurance companies to provide this insurance.

Before delivering the cylinder, the dealer should inspect it to ensure that it is in perfect working order. Personal Accident Cover pays out in the event of a loss of life or property caused by an LPG cylinder at the customer's house. An insurance claim of up to Rs 2 lakh per accident is possible in the event of damage to the customer's property/house in an accident.

Learn How to Get Claim of 50 Lakh on Gas Cylinder.

The official website myLPG.in explains how to file a claim following an accident. According to the website, if a consumer receives an LPG connection from the cylinder he receives, and an accident occurs in his home, he is eligible for insurance up to Rs 50 lakh.

If there’s an accident, compensation of up to Rs 50 lakh is available. Each person injured in the accident is entitled to maximum compensation of Rs 10 lakh.

To obtain LPG cylinder insurance, the customer must report the accident to the nearest police station and his LPG distributor as soon as possible.

Distributors of PSU oil marketing businesses such as Indian Oil, HPC, and BPC are required to have accident insurance, which includes third-party liability coverage for people and property.

These are not in the name of any specific consumer, but this policy covers everyone. He doesn't even have to pay a premium for this.

Keep a copy of the FIR, hospital bills, and the wounded person's medical bills, as well as the postmortem report and death certificate in case of death.

Important Note:

The first step after an accident with a gas cylinder is to submit a police complaint. Following that, the concerned region office investigates the accident's cause.

If the accident involves LPG, the LPG distribution agency/area office will notify the insurance company's local office about it. The claim is then submitted to the appropriate insurance carrier. There is no need for the customer to file a claim or contact the insurance carrier directly.

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