LPG Subsidy: Get Rs 79 – Rs 237 In Your Account; Check Whether You Are Eligible or Not?

The government has once again provided subsidies on LPG gas cylinders. The subsidy amount has been deposited into LPG consumers’ accounts. The consumers of LPG gas are now eligible for subsidies ranging from Rs 79.26 to Rs 237.78 per cylinder, as per the report.  

In this case, you should also check your bank account to confirm if the subsidy money has arrived in your account or not.

Problem with LPG Subsidy

LPG gas buyers receive a subsidy of Rs 79.26 per cylinder. Many people were perplexed as to how much money they would receive as a subsidy. Subsidies range from Rs 79.26 to Rs 158.52 to Rs 237.78 for some people.

Check whether you are Getting Subsidy or Not

  • To begin, firstly you have to go to the official website of Indian Oil. 
  • Now you must select Subsidy Status & then Proceed.
  • After that, you must select Subsidy Related (PAHAL) and then Subsidy Not Received.
  • You must enter your registered mobile number as well as your LPG ID.
  • After that, double-check it & submit it.
  • Now you will have all the information in front of you

Eligible People for LPG Subsidies

  • The LPG subsidy varies by state; those with an annual income of Rs 10 lakh or more are not eligible for a subsidy.
  • This Rs 10 lakh annual income should include both husband & wife's earnings.

14 kg Cylinder's Weight Maybe Reduce

  • The central government is preparing to make home LPG cylinders lighter.
  • The government is exploring different solutions, including decreasing the weight of gas cylinders (LPG consumers) that weigh 14.2 kg, in light of the challenges faced by women in transporting them.

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