Petrol, Diesel Prices Today, December 4: Petrol prices in Delhi below Rs 100, check prices in your city

New Delhi: The price of petrol in India has been steady for the past month, but it has dropped dramatically in Delhi after the Arvind Kejriwal government lowered taxes on vehicle fuels. The state government lowered the Value Added Tax, or VAT, from 30% to 19.4%, bringing the price of petrol in Delhi below Rs 100. 

Petrol prices in Delhi remained steady at Rs 95.41 per litre, two days after the government decreased value-added tax (VAT) from 30% to 19.4 percent, resulting in a Rs 8 per litre reduction. In Delhi, the price of diesel remained unchanged at Rs 86.67 a litre.

On November 3, the government reduced excise duty on petrol by Rs 5 per litre and diesel by Rs 10 per litre to provide comfort to customers who have been hit by record-high retail gasoline costs.

In other metro cities, the pricing stayed the same. The price of petrol in Mumbai fell to Rs 109.98 a litre on November 4. On December 4, the pricing remained unchanged. On the day, the price of diesel remained steady at Rs 94.14 per litre.

In Kolkata, the rates of petrol and diesel remained steady at Rs 104.67 per litre and Rs 89.79 per litre, respectively.

A litre of petrol was sold in Chennai for the same price of Rs 101.40. The price of diesel remained steady at Rs 91.43 per litre as well.

The excise tax drop was the largest reduction in excise duty in history. In addition to lowering the excise charge, the union government requested states to lower the value-added tax (VAT) on gasoline and diesel to provide assistance to customers.

As a result, numerous states and union territories have reduced VAT to provide additional relief to consumers who have been hit by record-high retail prices. Ladakh, Karnataka, Puducherry, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Mizoram, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Gujarat, Nagaland, Punjab, Goa, Meghalaya, Odisha, Rajasthan, Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Andaman and Nicobar.

Congress-ruled Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Tamil Nadu are among the states that have yet to cut their VAT. West Bengal, which is administered by the TMC, Kerala, which is governed by the Left, Telangana, which is governed by the TRS, and Andhra Pradesh, which is governed by the YSR Congress, have all refused to reduce VAT.

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