Post Office scheme: Invest Rs 1,500 to get Rs 35 Lakh - Details inside

For people, investing in good schemes to get maximum returns is one of the topmost priorities. An investment that is researched thoroughly is one of the safest and sure-shot ways to prevent financial disappointments.

Today, we will tell you about one such scheme - Gram Suraksha Scheme - under which by investing Rs 1500 per month, the investor can get around Rs 35 lakh.

This scheme is all the more important for people who are around 19 years of age. If you are between 19 and 55 years of age, then you are eligible for the scheme.

Gram Suraksha Scheme - Everything you need to know

What are the eligibility criteria and installment rules?

An investor of 19 years of age can invest in the scheme for 55 years at a Rs 1,515 per month premium.

For 58 years after, the investor will deposit Rs 1,463 each month, and for 60 years, a deposit of Rs 1,411 each month.

Details of maturity and returns
Once the deposit is made, the investor will get Rs 31.60 lakh on maturity.
If the withdrawal is done after 58 years, the investor will get Rs 33.40 lakh.

If the withdrawal is done after 60 years, the investor will get Rs 34.60 lakh.

A minimum amount between Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh is allowed.
Gram Suraksha Scheme - Other important details

Money can be deposited monthly, quarterly, or annually.

In case of emergencies, 30 days grace period is allowed.

From the day of investment, the policy can be surrendered after 3 years.
Money is paid to the nominee or legal heir after the investor's death.

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