Good news to LPG customers! 237 rupees transferred in the account of customers! LPG subsidy started again, know details here

The prices of cooking gas are touching the sky, so even the subsidy on it is not available for many months. But good news is coming Subsidy has started coming in the accounts of the people.

After many months, subsidy has started coming in the account of the people, but after talking to the people, it is known that many people are getting different subsidies. When this happens, people are very confused that how much subsidy they are getting after all. Many people are getting subsidy of Rs 79.26, while many people are getting subsidy of Rs 158.52 or 237.78, due to this people are getting confused.

According to the media report, after talking to the gas agencies, it has come to know that earlier many complaints were being received for not getting the subsidy. But now after the subsidy has started, the complaints have stopped. Now gas consumers are being given Rs 79.26 per cylinder as subsidy. People need not get confused in this.

Now, the subsidy is being transferred to the consumers who have used less cylinders during this period and those who have used more cylinders. Now everyone understands the reason behind the transfer of different amounts. But the introduction of subsidy again is a matter of happy news for the common man.

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