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Man donates kidney to girlfriend's mother, she marries someone else a month after operation

A man has said that he was dumped by his girlfriend - weeks after he donated his kidney to her mother.

Uziel Martínez, from Baja California, Mexico, in a TikTok video, said that he donated his kidney to save the life of his girlfriend's mother. A month after the operation, the girlfriend dumped him and married someone else, Uziel said.

"I donated a kidney to her mother, she left me and got married a month later," he said.

The video was made in response to a trend in which men recounted their worst experiences with exes.

The clip has been viewed over 14 million times and has made national headlines in Mexico. Netizens showered support for Uziel, with one saying, "Don’t look so sad, she lost a great gentleman. Keep moving forward and find the perfect woman who appreciates you."

After the video went viral, Uziel insisted that he was over with the breakup.

In another video, he said, "Actually I’m fine, I’m fine emotionally, I think so is she. I have nothing against her, we are on good terms." He added that they are not friends but they don't hate each other.

When someone urged Uziel not to repeat the mistake, he joked that he has no spare kidneys left to donate.

"We just have two kidneys and if I already gave one, I only have another one for me, so … I can’t feel it," he said.

In another incident, a man lifted his ex-partner's eyelids to gain access to her phone while she was asleep. He then used her fingerprints to open her money transfer application and steal 1,51,202 yuan (Rs 18 lakhs).

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