7th Pay Commission latest update: Central government employees may finally get to hear some good news related to the longstanding demand for increase in fitness factor. Discussion on the issue may be conducted during the cabinet meeting scheduled for tomorrow, it was reported by multiple news outlets.

An increase in the fitment factor will result in a significant boost too the salary of central government employees. The demand has been to increase minimum pay by Rs 8,000, from 18,000 to Rs 26,000. On fitness factor, the demand is for a hike from 2.57 times to 3.68 times.
An announcement from the Centre on increasing the fitment factor will intern also boost the salary of central government employees. An increase to 3.68 percent in the fitness factor will boost minimum salary by 8,000, it was reported.

7th Pay Commission: Salary calculation for fitment factor hike

A raise in fitment factor by 3.68 times will increase the basic salary to Rs 26,000. With the current minimum salary of Rs 18,000, employees will get Rs 46,260 (2.57 times of basic salary) on present fitment factor, excluding allowances.
An increase in fitment factor to 3.68 times will take the salary up to Rs 95,680 (3.65 x 26,000).

Recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission were approved by the Union Cabinet back in June 2017 with 34 modifications. In the new pay scales, the entry-level basic went up to Rs 18,000 from Rs 7,000 monthly. At the highest salary scale (Secretary level), the salary saw hike to Rs 2.5 lakh from Rs 90,000.

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