7th Pay Commission: 5 times increase in this allowance of central employees, 30,000 will be available separately from salary

7th Pay Commission latest news: Central employees are given many benefits apart from salary. There is also a provision for incentives. The government has increased the amount of one of these incentives up to 5 times. Let us know how you will get its benefit.

7th Pay Commission latest news: There is good news for central employees. Employees get many more benefits along with salary. Apart from the increase in dearness allowance, promotion and other allowances also benefit. Not only this, if an employee gets a higher degree while doing a job, then he gets the benefit of this degree separately.

Taking a big decision by the central government, now the central government has increased the incentive amount up to 5 times for the employees who have achieved higher degrees. Under this, the incentive amount for employees with higher degrees like PhD has been increased from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000.

Incentive for fresh higher education increased by 5 times

The Ministry of Personnel has amended the 20-year-old rules to increase the incentive amount for the employees pursuing higher degree. Under the new rule, till now the employees who got higher degree during the job were given an incentive allowance ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 10000 in a lump sum. But after the amendment, from the year 2019, this incentive amount was increased from minimum Rs 2000 to Rs 10,000.

Who will get how much benefit?

Under the new rule, Rs 10,000 will be given as incentive for doing a degree diploma of 3 years or less, Rs 15000 will be given for doing a degree or diploma of more than 3 years.
20,000 will be given for doing postgraduate degree/diploma of 1 year or less.
Rs 25,000 will be given to the employees taking postgraduate degree/diploma of more than 1 year duration.
30,000 rupees incentive will be given to those who have completed PhD or equivalent qualification.

Keep these things in mind

Along with this, the ministry has also imposed some other conditions. The Personnel Ministry has said in its instructions that no incentive will be given for obtaining pure academic education or higher qualification in literary subjects. The degree/diploma obtained by the employee will be linked to the post of the employee, only then he will get the benefit. Let us inform that these changes are effective from the year 2019.

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