Big news has come out for the employees, in fact their retirement age has been increased by 2 years. Orders have been issued to increase the retirement age.

On the one hand, it is being repeatedly said by the Central Government that there is no intention to increase the retirement age of government employees. On the other hand, a new controversy has arisen in increasing the retirement of C-Apt employees.

According to reports, the retirement age of employees of autonomous institutions under the Kerala government has been increased from 58 to 60. However, this report has come at a time when the state government is saying that it has no plans to increase the age of pension. Even in principle, the government does not take such a decision. Similarly, if such a decision is to be taken, it should be done only after proper consultation.

It is learned that the pension age has been increased in the light of the letter written by the Managing Director of C-APT to the Higher Education Department, under which the body has been established. In his letter, the MD had demanded to extend the service of the existing personnel for two more years. The order in this regard was issued by the Higher Education Department on 31 May. Also 30 employees of C-APT who were due to retire this year, the matter of raising the retirement age of employees was discussed in the meeting of Executive Committee of C-APT held on 30th March this year.

This suggestion first came before the executive committee of C-Apt, but being a policy matter, it was sent to the government department itself as a recommendation. Considering the letter of the MD and the recommendation of the executive committee, the government was apparently taking the decision to increase the pension. This decision was to implement it from May 31. However, no further information is available yet.

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