LIC jeevan shiromani Plan: If you are also planning for big investment, then you can invest in LIC’s superhit ‘Jeevan Shiromani Plan’ policy. Here you will get bumper profits. Let us know all the details about this policy.
LIC jeevan shiromani Plan: If you also want to earn a safe profit by investing big somewhere, then this news is for you only. Actually, LIC offers policies for every category of customers. There is no risk in LIC policy. In this sequence, LIC has a special plan- Jeevan Shiromani Plan. This policy (Jeevan Shiromani Plan In Hindi) also gives savings along with protection. Let us know about this policy.

Guaranteed amount of Rs 1 crore

This plan of LIC (Jeevan Shiromani Plan Benefits) is a non-linked plan in which you are guaranteed a sum assured of Rs 1 crore. The minimum return in this policy is Rs 1 crore.

Know the details of this plan

LIC started this special plan on 19 December 2017.
This is a non-linked, limited premium payment money back plan.
This scheme is specially designed for High Net Worth Individuals (NHE).
Under this plan, cover is available for critical diseases.
There are 3 optional riders also available in this special plan.
Tremendous financial support

LIC’s Jeevan Shiromani plan provides financial support to the policyholder’s family in the form of death benefit during the term.
In this policy, the policyholders are paid during the fixed period.
In this, a lump sum amount is also given on maturity.

View Survival Benefit

This is the payment process on survival benefit i.e. on the survival of the policy holders.
1.14 year policy -10th and 12th year 30-30% of sum assured


2. 16 year policy -12th and 14th year 35-35% of sum assured

3. 18 year policy -14th and 16th year 40 of sum assured- 40 %
4. 20 year policy -16th and 18th year 45-45% of the sum assured.

Know how much you will get loan

The most important thing about this policy is that during the policy term, customers can take a loan on the basis of their surrender value. The terms and conditions of LIC are applicable in this. Policy loan is given only at the rate of interest as decided from time to time.

Know what are the terms and conditions

1. Minimum Sum Assured – Rs 1 Crore
3. Maximum Sum Assured: No Limit (Basic Sum Assured will be in multiples of 5 lakhs.)
3. Policy Term: 14, 16, 18 and 20 years
4. By what time premium to be paid: 4 Years
5. Minimum age for entry: 18 years
6. Maximum age for entry: 55 years for policies of 14 years; 51 years for a 16-year policy; 48 years for an 18 year policy; 45 years for a 20 year policy.

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