NPS: Big news! Wife will get 45000 pension every month after the age of 60, know what is the scheme of the government

Under this scheme, NPS account can be opened in the name of the wife with Rs 1,000.

Pension Scheme: If you are worried about the future of your wife and want her to continue getting a certain amount after retirement in this inflationary era, then this news is of your use. You can invest in National Pension Scheme. Taxes can not only secure his future but can also make him self-reliant. The NPS account will give a lump sum amount to the wife at the age of 60 and will also get the benefit of pension every month.

With the NPS account, you can also decide how much pension your wife gets every month. In this scheme, you can deposit money every month or annually in the NPS account as per your convenience. Under this scheme, NPS account can be opened in the name of the wife with Rs 1,000. The special thing is that investing here is not only safe but also gives good returns and taxes. This is the reason why most government and private sector employees invest in this, so that they continue to get a certain amount after retirement.

For example , if your wife is currently 30 years old and you invest Rs 5000 every month in her NPS account. If they get 10 per cent return on investment annually, then at the age of 60, they will have a total of Rs 1.12 crore in their account. Out of this, about Rs 45 lakh will be returned, as well as the benefit of pension around Rs 45,000 every month.

How much pension will you get?

Age – 30 Years

Total investment period – 30 years
Monthly contribution – Rs 5,000
Estimated Return on Investment – ​​10%
Total Pension Fund – Rs 1,11,98,471 can be withdrawn on maturity.
Monthly pension – Rs 44,793
Estimated annuity rate of 8% – Rs 67,19,083.

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