For the time being, the Seventh Pay Commission will continue and under this only dearness allowance and other allowances will be given to the employees including salary-pension.

On the one hand, speculation of increasing dearness allowance to 4 percent of Central Employees-Pensioners (Central Employees DA Hike) is intensifying, while on the other hand, after the statement of the Modi government on the 8th Pay Commission (8th Pay Commission), a big update has come to the fore. According to the latest media reports, the All India Defense Employees Federation will soon submit a memorandum to the government regarding the 8th Pay Commission and will demand to increase the salary or implement the 8th Pay Commission and if the demand is not fulfilled then it can also go on strike.

However, he did not deny that the 8th Pay Commission would not come. The minister had said that work should be done on a new system for review and revision of pay matrix, for this the government is working on a new system so that the salary of the employees can be increased on the basis of their performance linked increment. For this, all allowances and salaries can be reviewed on the basis of the Aykroyd formula and it is reviewed by the Labor Bureau from time to time. It has been suggested that this metrics should be revised from time to time without the need for the next Pay Commission.

Recently, Union Minister of State for Finance, Pankaj Chaudhary, while replying in writing to the question asked during the Question Hour in the House, said that the government is not considering the 8th salary yet. There is no proposal in front of the government to constitute the 8th Pay Commission. At present, the Seventh Pay Commission will continue and under this only dearness allowance and other allowances will be given to the employees including salary, pension. He was asked whether there is a proposal in front of the Central Government to constitute the 8th Pay Commission for Central Employees so that its recommendations can be implemented from January 1, 2026.

Arun Jaitley had indicated

According to media reports, in return, the central government can increase the salary on the basis of the performance of government employees under private companies, for this a new plan can be brought by 2024, discussions are going on to prepare its proposal. Pay Level The minimum salary of a central employee in Matrix 1 to 5 can be between 21000. Since the late former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, in one of his speeches in Parliament in 2016, had indicated that the government should consider the salary of the employees ahead of the Pay Commission, in such a situation, if the sources are to be believed, then the Modi government will now have a new salary. Instead of bringing the commission, the new formula can be considered.

Under the Aykroyd formula

According to media reports, the Modi government is trying to make a scheme in which the salary will be increased automatically if there is 50% DA, it can be named ‘automatic pay revision’, although there is no official confirmation from the government. Has been. There is a discussion about the Aykroyd formula for increasing the salary of employees, under which the salary of the employees will be linked to the inflation, cost of living and performance of the employee and after their calculation, the salary will be fixed. In his recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission, Justice Mathur had said that we want to fix the pay structure according to the Aykroyd formula, in which the cost of living is also taken into account.

So far 10 pay commissions have been constituted
Let us inform that since 1947 till now 10 pay commissions have been constituted. The Central Government constitutes a new Pay Commission every 10 years, on the basis of whose recommendations the salaries of central employees and pension of pensioners are increased. The Seventh Pay Commission was constituted by the UPA government on 24 February 2014. The Sixth and Seventh Pay Commission in 2006 and 2016, which had recommended a big increase in the salary of central employees and accepting it, the government had also increased the salary, according to this, if we look at it, then the next Pay Commission i.e. 8th Pay Commission will be in the year 2026. may be applicable.

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