Gas Cylinder Price Delhi: You have a chance to buy gas cylinder (lpg cylinder) cheaply. In the midst of rising inflation, you can book cylinders at low rates. Let me tell you how-

LPG Cylinder Price: Amidst the continuous increase in the prices of gas cylinder (lpg cylinder), you have a chance to buy a cheap cylinder (gas cylinder price delhi) or if you are also planning to take a gas connection, then now You don’t have to spend much money. Let us tell you that a special facility has been started by the government oil company for the general public, in which you can take gas cylinders cheaply. Let us tell you that under this facility of Indane, you will get a gas cylinder for just Rs 750.

Sky Rocketing prices

Let us tell you that at this time the prices of gas cylinders have reached the sky across the country. The price of 14.2 kg cylinder in Delhi is Rs 1053. In such a situation, you are being given a cylinder by the government company Indane for Rs 750. Let us tell you how you can get a gas cylinder cheaply.

Cylinder will be available for Rs 750

Indane has started the facility of composite cylinder for the customers. To buy this cylinder, you will have to spend only 750 rupees. The specialty of this cylinder is that you can easily transfer it from one place to another. Let us tell you that the reason for this cylinder is also less than the normal cylinder.
Let’s check the latest rates of cylinders-

Delhi – 750
Mumbai – 750
Kolkata – 765
Chennai – 761
Lucknow – 777

What are the rates of 14.2 kg cylinder?

Delhi – 1053
Mumbai – 1052.5
Chennai – 1068.5
Kolkata – 1079
Lucknow – 1090.5

Soon this cylinder will be available in all cities

Let us tell you that composite cylinders are light in weight and you get 10 kg of gas in it. For this reason, the cost of these cylinders is low. The specialty of this cylinder is that they are transparent. At present, this cylinder is available in more than 28 cities, but the company is soon working to make this cylinder available in all cities.

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