7th Pay Commission Fitment Factor Update: Good news for central employees! Big update on fitment factor; Salary will increase so much!

7th Pay Commission Fitment Factor Update: If anyone in your house or you yourself are a Central Government employee then good news has come. This news is for such government employees, who have been waiting for the change in fitment factor for a long time.

There will be a big change in the salary structure as soon as there is a change in the fitment factor. According to the news received by Zee Media quoting sources, the salary of central employees may increase under the Seventh Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission) at the end of September.

Apart from this, a decision on the fitment factor can be taken by the government in September itself . As soon as there is a change in this, the minimum basic salary of the employees will increase. As soon as there is a change in the fitment factor, its effect will be visible on the entire salary. It is expected that a meeting can be held by the end of September regarding the fitment factor. If this is agreed, then the basic salary of more than 52 lakh central employees will be increased under the fitment factor. Government employees have been demanding for a long time to increase the fitment factor.

Important role of fitment factor in salary

Central employees are being given a fitment factor of 2.57 percent. This can be increased to 3.68 times in September. Fitment factor plays an important role in deciding the salary of central employees. Change in fitment factor means it will affect your salary as well. Based on this, the basic salary of the employees is increased.

In 2017, the basic salary of the employees was increased

by increasing the fitment factor from 2.57 to 3.68, the minimum basic salary will increase from 18 thousand to 26 thousand rupees. Earlier in 2017, the government had made the entry level employees happy by increasing the basic salary. But after that no change was made in it. At present, central employees get Rs 18 thousand as minimum salary, while maximum salary is Rs 66,900.

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