LIC Dhan Sanchay Policy: LIC has launched a wonderful policy, will invest immediately after seeing the benefits, know details here

LIC Dhan Sanchay Policy: Keeping in mind the interests of its customers, LIC has launched a tremendous plan. Under this policy, the policyholder is getting many great benefits. Let us know the details of the policy.

LIC Dhan Sanchay Saving Plan Launch: LIC keeps on offering plans for the customers from time to time. Once again Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has launched a new insurance policy named Dhan Sanchay Saving Plan. This scheme has been opened for investors from June 14, that is, from June 14, you can invest in it. Under LIC Dhan Sanchay Policy, on the death of the policyholder, the family will get financial assistance during the term of the policy. Not only this, it also gives guaranteed income during the payout period after the maturity of the policy.

5 to 15 year plan

According to the information given by LIC, in this particular policy, guaranteed benefits will be given during the payment after the date of maturity of the plan. In addition, guaranteed terminal benefits will also be paid. This plan is for 5 years to a maximum of 15 years. It will get fixed income benefits. Not only this, the facility of increased income benefits, single premium level income benefits and single plan will also be provided in this. Loan lane facility is also available in this. You can also buy riders in this.
LIC launched four options

LIC has launched four options in this plan. Under Plan A and B, you will get a sum assured cover of Rs 3,30,000 on death. Also, there will be a minimum Sum Assured cover of Rs 2,50,000 under Plan C and Sum Assured cover of Rs 22,00,000 on death in Plan D. The maximum premium limit has not been fixed for these plans.

Know eligibility

To take the policy of LIC Dhan Sanjay Yojana, the minimum age of the subscriber should be 3 years, while 50 years for Option A and Option B, 65 years for Option C and maximum 40 years for Option D. That is, the age group of 3 years to 40 years can invest in it.

Where to buy plan

If you also want to buy LIC Dhan Sanchay Policy, then you can buy both offline through agents / other intermediaries and directly online by visiting website.

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