Railway Employees Bonus 2022: Railway employees will get bonus on this day, more bonus than last year

Railway Employees Bonus 2022: There are 11.56 lakh railway employees working across the country, who spend crores of rupees on railway bonus every year. The Union Cabinet has announced the bonus of railway employees on Wednesday 06 October last year.

Under the Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB), employees got 78 days bonus for Dussehra and Puja last year. In this, the basic was fixed at Rs 7000. Under which all the employees got a bonus of Rs 17,951. However, the benefit of bonus was not given to non-gazetted employees.

This time before Durga Puja, railway employees will demand more bonus than last year. Railway employees under the railway station have started discussions regarding bonus at present. Last year, railway employees got around Rs 17,000 as bonus. But this time this time the employees are demanding to increase the bonus. The employees say that along with the normal days of the railways, the employees of the railways have given better work to the railways with their hard work and dedication. For which good bonus is also awaited from the railway management.

Railway Employees Bonus 2022 What is Productivity Linked Bonus:

How much revenue did the railways get from the operation of passenger train and goods train in a whole financial year in all the zones across the country. What was the productivity per employee in this? All these figures are sent by the Railway Board to the Union Cabinet. On the basis of which the bonus of railway employees is decided. For the last three years, Railways is giving bonus for 78 days only.

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