WhatsApp’s free calling will end! Government issued bill, know what is the new plan
WhatsApp’s free calling will end! Government issued bill, know what is the new plan

WhatsApp Calling: The central government has prepared the telecom bill. In which opinion has been sought from the people. You can comment on this by 20 October

WhatsApp Calling: There are many such apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. In which voice and video calling are provided absolutely free. But now this facility may end soon. The Central Government has released the draft Telecom Bill to seek feedback from the people. The bill provides that the facility of sending calls or messages through WhatsApp, Facebook will be considered as a telecom service. For this, these companies will have to get a license.

The draft of the bill has been made available to all on the website of the Department of Telecom. Along with this, the department has also sought suggestions from the industry on the bill. Opinion on this can be given till October 20.
On the other hand, if the bill is passed, the Department of Telecommunications will run accordingly. Many new things have been included in the draft of the Indian Telecommunication Bill, 2022. In fact, the telecom companies of the country have been constantly complaining that they are being harmed by providing messaging and calling services to users on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. These telecom companies have been saying that their services come under telecom service. In such a situation, after getting the opinion of the people, the bill will be introduced in the Parliament. Arrangements have also been made in the bill to prevent cyber fraud.

The government has also added some rules regarding license fees in this bill. Under this, the government has the right to waive the license fee partially or completely. Along with this, a provision for refund has also been made. If a telecom or internet provider surrenders its license. In that case, he can get a refund. Let us know that a large number of people use the instant messaging platform WhatsApp. In India itself, the number of active users is more than 400 million. At present, only after the license fee, the situation will be clear whether the charge will be applicable or not.

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