7th Pay Commission Latest News: With this information given by the Finance Ministry in the Rajya Sabha, all hopes are over. Now DA Arrears of 18 months will not be available. 7th Pay Commission Latest News: The wait is over, the confusion is over… Central employees have got a big shock.

The government has given written information in the Rajya Sabha regarding the arrears of DA arrears ie Dearness allowance for 18 months. With this information given by the Finance Ministry in the Rajya Sabha, all hopes are over. Now DA Arrears of 18 months will not be available. The central government has made it clear that the money for three installments will not be given. There is no such provision.

Will not get DA Arrear of 18 months
The Finance Ministry has made it clear that the arrears of 18 months of DA will not be available. During the Kovid-19 period, three installments of DA (1 January 2020, 1 July 2020, 1 January 2021) were stopped. After this, the government restored Dearness Allowance in July 2021. But, there was no mention of the money of the three installments stuck for the last 18 months. The government increased the dearness allowance by 11 percent from July 1, 2021. After this, from July 2021, dearness allowance increased from 17 percent to 28 percent. However, at present it is 38 percent. But, the employees also wanted money for the 18 months during which the dearness allowance was frozen.

Pensioners also lost hope
The Finance Ministry made it clear in the Rajya Sabha that the arrears of DA Arrear will not be given to Dearness Relief pensioners as well. In the written reply, it was informed that there is no such provision and neither the government is considering it. Pensioners had also written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year regarding the demand for DA arrears and appealed to him to intervene in the matter. But, no decision was taken on this.
Employees union will agitate
Employees Union says that Dearness Allowance (DA) or Dearness Relief (DR) is the right of employees and pensioners. It cannot be stopped. The employees worked hard during the Corona period. His dearness allowance (DA Hike) was not increased, yet he continued to work. Many employees and pensioners also died during this period. The government should also consider other aspects in this matter. However, after the clear refusal of the government, the unions are now making a strategy for the movement.

Rs 34,000 crore saved
The government has saved Rs 34,000 crore during the period in which dearness allowance was stopped. It is estimated that the total arrears of DR for central government pensioners and Dearness Allowance (DA) for employees is around Rs 34,000 crore. Even in the 32nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Voluntary Agencies for review of pension rules, a representative of the Department of Expenditure (DOI) clarified that arrears of previous DA-DR will not be released. Let us tell you, DOI is a branch of the Union Ministry of Finance.

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