UIDAI Aadhaar Address Update: Now those Aadhaar users who do not have any document to update their address in Aadhaar can also get their Aadhaar updated. Let’s know how.

UIDAI Aadhaar Address Update: UIDAI has given great relief to the people to update the address in their Aadhaar card (Aadhaar). Aadhaar users who do not have any necessary documents to update their address can get their Aadhaar updated with the consent of the head of the family (HoF). This resident-friendly service of UIDAI will prove to be very helpful for those relatives (such as children, husband-wife, or parents etc.) of any Aadhaar users, who have necessary documents in their own name to update their address in their Aadhaar. Do not be a document.

How does this work
For this, documents like ration card, mark sheet, marriage certificate, passport etc. can be presented as proof, in which both the name and relation of the applicant and the HoF are present, it is verified by an OTP. There is also no proof of relationship between the applicant and the HoF, so users have to submit a self-declaration in a set format to UIDAI.

Who can become HoF
UIDAI told that this facility will prove to be very beneficial for people going to cities and towns for various reasons within the country. This option will be in addition to the facility to update the existing address using any valid address certificate prescribed by UIDAI. Any resident above the age of 18 years can be a HoF for this purpose and can share his address with his relatives through this process.

How to update address in Aadhaar?
In the ‘My Aadhaar’ portal (https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in), a resident can choose this option to update the address online. After which, the resident will be allowed to enter the Aadhaar Number of the HOF, which will only be validated. To maintain adequate confidentiality of the HOF, no other information on the basis of the HOF will be displayed on the screen.

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