There is great news for the elderly. Only a few days are left for the country’s budget to come and this time the government is going to give great news for the elderly. There may be an increase in the pension (pension scheme) of the elderly population. Along with this, these people can also get the benefit of exemption in income tax.

There is great news for senior citizens . Next month the general budget of the country is going to come and this time the government is going to give huge relief to the elderly. The central government is preparing to provide some relief to all sections including the poor, women, farmers and the elderly. This time in the budget, it is expected that there can be an increase in the pension of the elderly population . Along with this, they can also be given relief in income tax.

3 changes can be made

Before the general budget, some of the country’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have suggested steps to be taken for the betterment of the country’s elderly population. These include increase in old age pension, additional income tax relief and GST exemption on products frequently used by older people.

Agewell Foundation demanded

NGO Agewell Foundation said that keeping in view the growing gap between the elderly and the young generation, the change in lifestyle of the elderly in the light of longevity, a provision should be made in the budget for them. The Foundation said in a statement that it is necessary to connect with retired people in large numbers to keep them continuously active.

The Foundation appealed to the Finance Ministry and other stakeholders to take their views into consideration while finalizing the next budget. The statement said that the old age pension should be revised according to the current inflation.

Pension should be increased by Rs 3000 per month

The current share of the central government in the monthly old age pension of each eligible old person should be increased to Rs 3,000 per month, the statement said. The state government should also revise its share accordingly.

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