WhatsApp’s parent company Meta has banned about 74,52,500 accounts in India in the month of April. The company has told that this has been done in violation of the rules. However, we are going to tell here that if your WhatsApp account has been banned by the company, then how can you activate it back.

This messaging app owned by Meta is quite popular. It has crores of users all over the world. To keep this platform safe and secure, WhatsApp regularly bans accounts. These accounts are closed for many reasons. The thing to note here is that your account can be banned without informing you or giving notice.

WhatsApp has said in its official website that if the account is found violating the rules of the platform, it can be banned without giving any notification.

In such a situation, if your account is ever banned by WhatsApp and you feel that you have done nothing wrong. Or if you want to activate the account back then some steps have to be followed.

You have to e-mail WhatsApp for this or go to the app and tap on request a review. After this WhatsApp will see your case and will reply to you after completing the review.

When you tap on request a review in the app, you will be asked to enter the 6-digit registration code sent to you via SMS. You will be able to submit a request for review as soon as you enter it. Also, you will be able to add details to support your case.

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